...And this is how India won the Cricket World Cup 2011

I've already stated (and proved) in my previous post the importance of cricket in the life of an average Indian. With the last season of the world cup not ending so well for the national cricket team, people are eagerly waiting for the next one, with memories still fresh from our last win - the cup in 2011. But do you know what really happened on the night of 2nd April, 2011? Well, you are about to find out.

As you might be aware, India was playing Sri Lanka in the final match. It was being held in Mumbai, and hence, we had the home advantage. Both these countries had won the cup once before (India in 1983 and Sri Lanka in 1996), and so the stakes were equal for either side.

The match began with a controversy over the toss. The match referee couldn't hear the visiting side captain's call for the first time. There was a re-toss, which was won by the opposition. The fans from either side were unhappy, claiming that their team won it in the first go. One side was happy after the re-toss, while the other obviously wasn't. But the stakes were too high, and everybody got tensed. Winning a world cup is like a dream come true for a cricketer.

The match started with Sri Lanka batting first, and asking India to chase down a target of 275 runs. The response appeared quite shake, at least in the beginning. They had lost both their openers at a meager score of 31 runs. The dressing room was losing its charm, its energy to take on the opponents.

The next pair of batsmen tried their best to reduce the damage and get as close to the target as possible. By the time they were walking back to the pavilion, India had scored 223 runs, and required another 52 from as many balls to clinch the title. On the crease were captain cool and Yuvi. The pressure was on them now. They had to win. They had to do something, err everything, to win. The hopes were held high. But after all the toiling that they did in the field the whole day, they were exhausted and really low on energy. Twelfth man was seen carrying some energy drinks towards the pitch. Ironically, neither Urzza nor Red Bull came to their rescue.

But where there's a will, there's a way. And we Indians are well-known for our Jugaad concept. The team management noticed the falling energy level of their captain, reported it to their bosses at BCCI, and urged them to do something.

Unlike a spineless management, the President of BCCI decided to take things under his control. He was aware of the captain's fondness of music and dance, and he also knew who his favorites were.

The match was paused, and a stage was set up. Without much delay, it was occupied by none other than Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. Now, you really have no idea how much money BCCI has got, do you?

The superstar hero danced his heart out on a few singles sung by the heartthrob singer. One of them included the song "Dance Basanti" from the film "Ungli". This was itself a little awkward, coz the Basanti there was singing, while a man was dancing! If you are thinking that this isn't possible since the movie was released in 2014, you really have no idea how much money BCCI has got! ;)

All this while MSD enjoyed the iconic dance moves coupled with a melodious voice, and was all pumped up after the fifteen minute show. Now was the time for another excellent show, one which the captain was going to put out. He hit a six off a pace bowler to complete the proceedings for the day. India had won the match, and the cup of course, with 10 balls to spare.

This is how the tensed and dull situation during the 2011 Cricket World Cup final changed because of the legendary dance moves and enchanting voice of the superstar duo.

...And this is how India won the Cricket World Cup.

P.S.: Dear Sri Lankan brothers, this is a piece of fiction. Do not cry foul like our brothers in Bangladesh did for that no ball.

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  1. India won the world cup on 2nd April 2011 for the second time after 28 years. It was indeed a rare moment of honor. It was due to some excellent cricket that was played by the entire team for a period of more than a month.Kudos to the Indian team and let the entire nation rejoice in this win.


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