Things I will carry in my Renault Lodgy *if I own one*

Humans love humans. Humans love things as well. Other humans may not love you back, or worst, hurt you. But things, they don't do that. Despite of being life-less, they remain with you until they exist. That's the irony! Is it a bit too philosophical? Well, it's Friday evening, and I am not drunk! Then why am I acting all Socrates? That's because I realized how much I love my stuff, my precious life-less things that always stand by my side, no matter what. They mean the 'world' to me.

Now, won't you carry your 'world' with you wherever you go, more specifically on a road-trip? What if you were going to the trip in a Renault Lodgy? Well, I assumed I am, and hence came up with a list of following lovely things that I would carry along with me:

Audio books and music

Many of you might be unaware, but I am very fond of books. Though I haven't done any book reviews so far, I would love to do some. (Sorry to Abhijeeth Hiliyana, the author of Age of Apostasy, for not reviewing your book yet. I had my home robbed, and your book was gone with it. Sorry bro.)

"There is no friend as loyal as a book." - Ernest Hemingway

Now, reading a book while driving might not be a good idea, for obvious reasons. Thanks to technology, I can now listen to them! So, first thing I would carry are the audio versions of books/novels of my favorite writers. The loud speakers in the Lodgy will make sure that I hear the words correctly! That way, I will be in full control of the wheel, seemingly enjoying my favorite pastime at the same time. Same goes for music too.


Every time I log into my Facebook account (it's deactivated now), I only have one answer to the infamous question, "What's on your mind?" That's food! But it would be lame to post it as Zuck is not the only one reading it. *I know I'm bad at jokes*.

But seriously, food is something I crave for. If I were to go on a road trip, I would carry lots-and-lots of food packets to last during the journey. After all, offering food makes you friends with fellow travellers too ;) The cup holders and flight tray available in the Lodgy will make storing and consuming food and beverages comfortable.

Having said that, I would like you to know that I attended a food event last week, and the review is coming soon. So stay tuned.


After food, I can only think of my freaky gadgets. They are a part of my daily routine. And the teacher says that missing habits isn't a good thing!

Just in case you are wondering, the list includes my two smartphones, a tablet and a laptop. I will definitely carry chargers for all of these devices, since Lodgy already has 12 V charging sockets for all the three rows.

Sports equipment and board games

I may not sound like an athlete kinda-guy, but I do enjoy playing games if people join me. Cricket and badminton are the ones I like playing outdoors, and cards and board games are my thing if we talk indoors.

To carry all this stuff, Lodgy has ample boot space. Talking about figures, the trunk has a dynamic storage of 207 litres, which is expandable up to 1861 litres.

First aid kit

Last but not the least, I will make sure to take my first aid kit along-with. The Lodgy has a smartly positioned storage area in the center of the dashboard. This place is ideal for carrying such necessary items.

I think I will forget my cushions and pillows at home. Renault Lodgy already has cushion pillows and belt cushions, increasing the comfort and convenience during the trip.

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.

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