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Saturday, September 26, 2015

After more than half a million online votes and over 350 entries received, Aloft and MTV revealed the winners of the second annual Asia Pacific edition of music talent discovery competition Project Aloft Star. The contest aims to identify and support the hottest emerging music artists throughout Asia Pacific, with three competition clusters.

This year’s cluster winners are:

Gusian Yu (China) – View his winning entry.
Run Pussy Run (India) – View their winning entry.
Jenny & The Scallywags (Southeast Asia) – View their winning entry.

The top finalists battled it out at the finals held at Aloft Hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore and Guangzhou over the weekend in front of a panel of judges. They were evaluated on music composition and song-writing skills, originality and creativity, technical skill, 'wow' factor, showmanship, and stage presence.

The judging panel comprised the following representatives from Aloft Hotels, MTV, celebrities and music industry experts:

For Southeast Asia:

1. Paras Sharma, Vice President, MTV and Comedy Central Brands and Digital Media, Viacom International Media Networks Asia

2. Vincent Ong, Senior Brand Director, Asia Pacific Brand Management, Starwood Hotels & Resorts

3. Aliff Aziz, a Singapore born singer and actor who won the reality TV singing competition, Anugerah when he was 16 years old, making him the competition’s youngest winner. He is currently working on his fourth album, having just released his current single “Selayaknya Aku

4. Aziana Ali, General Manager – Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia

5. Valent Soisuvarn, Executive Director, MTV Thailand

For China:

1. Charles Chan, Creative Director, Head of Content Production, MTV China

2. Master Dong Shan, a pop singer who won multiple newcomer awards when he debuted. His fourth and latest album《四张机》 was released this year.

3. Shan Qi, renowned planner-musician-producer-director who is also known as ‘China Fashion Festival Godfather’

4. Sofia Wong, Hotel Manager, Aloft Guangzhou University Park

For India:

1. Bobin James, Head of Programming and Artist Relations, MTV Indies 

2. Clinton Cerejo, award-winning composer, producer and singer who has lent his inimitable voice to a number of Bollywood hits

3. Hazel Ooi, Manager, Brand Management, Asia-Pacific, Sheraton, Westin, Four Points by Sheraton, Aloft, Element

As part of the prize package, each winner was awarded a $10,000 cash prize, and will soon be featured in MTV Seen, a video spot of that will air on MTV Asia, MTV China and MTV India channels in October. Winners will also be featured in individual vignettes on the Project Aloft Star website.

The 15 week long competition kicked off on May 22 this year, garnering close to double the number of published original music video submissions from aspiring music talent compared to the inaugural edition held in 2014. Fans lent their support by voting for their favorite music videos, with voting numbers skyrocketing over 20 times, to more than half a million.

I got a chance to witness the final held in Bengaluru, India. All the five finalist bands were melodious. They mesmerized the live audience, as well as the people who watched them online. The huge number of votes are a proof. The judges appeared impressed. It was a definitely a tough decision in the end.

Project Aloft Star 2015 India Winner Run Pussy Run

Run Pussy Run emerged as the winner from India. Congratulations to the winning band. Best wishes to all the participants.

Since I live tweeted from the event, feel free to check all my tweets. Follow me to get more such updates in the future.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

After winning the #BlogForZovi contest held by Zovi, I got this opportunity to guest blog for the brand. This post is the second guest post I am writing for them. You can read the first one here. In case you are unaware of what I'm talking about, read the winning post.

In this post, I will describe my experience of shopping via the Android application and the mobile website property owned by the brand. After all, mobile is the future; e-commerce is going mobile.

You can download the app on your device from here. But, from my experience, that would be a bad idea. You read it right! Read on to know why I'm saying so.

Before I say anything else, I would like to re-iterate that e-commerce is going mobile (or it already has?). Any business which does not take care of this aspect now will lose a significant amount of sales to its competitors who do. Keeping that in mind, I would suggest Zovi to seriously work on their Android app (I haven't used the one for Windows). It is just not behaving the way it should. Their mobile website is awesome though. Kudos to the team.

This time, I thought of buying stuff for my family. I asked my sister to select for herself. Once she did, I knew the names of the products to be ordered. As the next logical step, I went ahead and tried searching them on the app. To my surprise, the behavior of the software was strange. The search results said that one such product existed, but did not list it (see screenshot below).

Strange behavior on the Zovi Android app

To verify the presence of that item, I decided to visit their mobile website. To my surprise, the product was easily searchable there (see screenshot below).

Zovi mobile website working as expected

I knew it could be a mistake from my end, so I decided to give the benefit of doubt to the app developer (after all, I have also been one, at times). I tried searching the same thing one more time, but with no luck. Just to be definitely sure, I searched a third time for a totally different product. But all in vain! The app wasn't willing to budge. The mobile website, on the other hand, was still obedient. That is when I came to a conclusion that the development team at Zovi hadn't put their best in this product. I wish they take care of it ASAP.

But wait, that's not the only unexpected thing I found. When exploring through the phone memory, I discovered that the app created a lot of temporary files in the phone memory. I had to manually get rid of them to free up my precious memory (no screenshot this time though). I hope the team at Zovi takes this issue seriously before it creates a huge impact in terms of their decreasing sales. No business would want to lose their loyal customers.

There are a few plus points too. The overall look and feel of the app is appealing. The checkout screen is simple, and the process to complete an order is hassle-free.

Following are the items I bought:

Checked casual shirt

Yellow t-shirt

One thing I really liked about the app is that the screen that leads to the checkout page displays discount coupons, and also suggests other useful categories and products (screenshot below).

The screen before the checkout page displays offers

The overall look and feel of the app is appealing. The selection of light colors makes it soothing for the eyes.

I received the following:

Checked casual shirt


Did you anytime try their Android or Windows app? Or their mobile website? How was your experience? I would love to hear from you. Use the comment box below. :)

This blogpost is part of #BlogForZovi held by zovi.com.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

After winning the #BlogForZovi contest held by Zovi, I got this opportunity to guest blog for the brand. This post is the first guest post I am writing for them. In case you are unaware of what I'm talking about, read the winning post.

As a part of the prize, I was asked to blog on a specific theme. The theme I  received was "The Spring/Summer look". Since, I am no expert in fashion, I might not meet the expectations you would have made after reading the title. However, I am trying my best, and would love any kind of feedback.

As the title of this post reflects, I had been to Ooty the past weekend. What better place than such a beautiful hill-station to spend time with friends, and also flaunt the new summer look (courtesy Zovi)? (If you are interested in the complete trip details, hop over to my friend's blogpost where he has shared his experience.)

This time, I selected the following items (Thanks Hemanth for helping me choose them) -

Evening Cricket White Graphic T-shirt
Slim Fit Casual Blue And White Checkered Shirt With Welt pocket
Slim Stretch Fit Black Solid Trousers

This time, too, I was happy with their delivery service. Due to my late activity, I placed my order on 17th Feb. But I had to leave for Ooty on 21st Feb, so the max I could afford was to get it delivered by 20th Feb. This is when I tweeted them this:

To my surprise,  I received the order the very next day! It was awesome. In this context, I would like to mention that there are tons of brands existing to sell their stuff to you. But, successful are the ones who delight their customer. Zovi does that - delights me every time. Are you aware of the bad experience the guys at Emirates gave me? Read here.

On my way back from Ooty, I got the following pictures clicked (Thanks Bhaskar for clicking them for me) -

Model: Yours truly ;)

The summer look I have tried to create here consists of a white t-shirt graphically representing a person playing cricket (Cricket World Cup fever is on!). On top of it is an unbuttoned checkered shirt. To match with this awesome stuff, the black trousers do a very good job. All-in-all, this look is pretty decent and cool at the same time.

I loved the products, especially the stretchable trousers.

If you feel like, go ahead and buy some of the cool stuff that the team at Zovi has to offer, and flaunt in style.

This blogpost is part of #BlogForZovi held by zovi.com.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

UPDATE: This blogpost won the third prize in the contest.

Winner #BlogForZovi

This is what the team at Zovi tweeted announcing the result:

Other results include:

First prize: @Phantom_Delight (Winning post)
Second prize: @thekopargaonkar (Winning post)
Third prize: Yours truly and @amolwagh (Winning post)

In this modern world of technology, comfort is something one looks up to. The joy of ordering something at the click of a button is immense. One doesn't need to go window shopping in the scorching heat of the sun. Instead, everything can be sought and bought from the chilling air-conditioned room, or from a poolside lawn. And what can be more comfortable than to be able to order the latest fashion trends online. Zovi is one such web service. It offers a wide range of fashion apparels for men and women.

Recently, I got a chance to buy stuff from this website. It's not that I was using their service for the first time. I had once bought a pair of polo t-shirts for office use. This time, I have gone a step ahead, and ordered a few more items.

Let me take you through my shopping experience with them. I selected the following items (Thanks Hemanth and Gaurav for helping me in choosing them) -

Masked Spiderman Graphic T-shirt
Grey Zippered Sweatshirt With Red And Blue Stripes And Hood
Black Canvas Mid Top Sneakers With Contrast Grey And Green

After I was done choosing, the checkout page appeared like this:

Checkout page

As can be seen in the pic above, they were expected to deliver the products by 21st Jan. (Note that I placed the order on 12th Jan.)

I didn't bother much, and proceeded to the order confirmation page, which looked like this:

Order confirmation page

As you can see, the delivery time was now reduced to 20th Jan (one less day). I was happy to notice the reduction in the delivery time, but was still upset since it was going to take so long. I decided to contact them, and see if it would help. This is when I tweeted this:

To my surprise, I didn't get any response! I thought that Zovi, like many others, have a shitty customer support. But, too my surprise, I received my shipment on 16th Jan. This was awesome, because it took them only 3 working days (note that 15th Jan was a holiday) to deliver. I was highly impressed by their service.

A couple of days later, I tweeted them this:

And they replied with a retweet:

After receiving the shipment, I decided to try it on. Below are a few images (Thanks Bhaskar for clicking them for me) -

Model: Yours truly ;)
Image credits: Bhaskar Trivedi Photography
Venue: Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bengaluru

As you might have noticed, I have bought a cool Spidey t-shirt long with a zippered sweatshirt-cum-hoodie and a pair of sneakers. All this sum up to make a fashionable winter look that I have tried to create. Without the sweatshirt, the look is equivalent to a casual look that one can put on for office wear as well. But since it is the month of January, I decided to also put on a sweatshirt to keep up with the falling mercury.

I like the products. Hope you like them, too!

If you feel like, go ahead and buy some of the cool stuff that the team at Zovi has to offer, and flaunt in style.

This blogpost is part of #BlogForZovi held by zovi.com.

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